Tige Earrings


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Tige Earrings
Tige Earrings


The Tige Earrings are inspired by intertwining flower stems.  The circular charms are sculpted with real flower stems and cast in sterling silver using the lost wax casting process.  This technique allows for every piece to be finished by hand and formed into a modern heirloom with organic design.  The freshwater pearls are all beautifully, unique and will have slight variations from those pictured above. 

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1.25 inches (length)

0.75 inches (width)



Bloom Collection

"May my soul bloom in love for all existence."  Rudolf Steiner

I am forever inspired by the life cycle of flowers and used real flowers to create several of the pieces.  It was important for this collection to reflect the natural beauty displayed in all stages of growth from first budding to blooming to death.   The uneven textures are meant to mimic the organic surface of flowers and reflect the beauty found in imperfections. 

Tige Earrings
Tige Earrings

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