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Latasha Lamar


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Spring /Summer 24

firing process

creating a ring with silver clay

As the flame dances upon the silver clay, an alchemical transformation unfolds, unveiling the essence of precious metal from within. The flame carries away the vestiges of an organic binder, leaving behind a molten canvas of artistic potential. In the fiery crucible, creativity melds with craftsmanship, forging a unique design as the blowtorch breathes life into the silver's metamorphosis.

finished product

creating a ring with silver clay

Embracing the serenity of the sea, sterling silver cradles luminescent pearls, infusing the ring with a tranquil rhythm reminiscent of water's graceful dance. Each pearl, a luminous droplet of healing energy, invites the wearer to embark on a journey of balance and fluidity, mirroring the ebb and flow of life's intricate currents. In this harmonious union of precious metal and pearls, the ring becomes a wearable ode to the beauty and resilience found in the gentle movements of the aquatic realm.




moonlight pendant necklace

At its heart, a solitary freshwater pearl graces this piece with its natural luminescence, reminiscent of moonlight glistening on a serene lake. Pearls have healing energy because they carry the lucid movements of water with them, inviting the wearer to find their own balance and flow.  

baroque pearl necklace

As your fingers trace the luxurious path of the satin cording, you'll feel a sensation akin to a gentle caress. This versatile satin ribbon invites your artistic spirit to run wild, offering a canvas upon which your imagination can paint endless stories of style and self-expression. 

serenity baroque pearl necklace

Nestled at the heart of this artful creation is a lustrous baroque pearl, gracefully curving and glowing like a captured moonbeam. Its irregular contours whisper of untamed ocean currents and secret depths, a testament to the ever-changing wonders of the sea.

bts of winter with latasha lamar

winter with latasha lamar