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Adella Earrings

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Dive into a world of enchantment with The Adella Earrings, a captivating creation that draws inspiration from the delicate wonders of the underwater realm. Like treasures forged in the depths, these earrings are a testament to the elegance that resides beneath the waves. Echoing the undulating beauty of organic forms found beneath the sea's surface, each baroque pearl adorning these earrings is a unique marvel, boasting its own iridescent luster and exquisite shape. This individuality becomes a canvas for the earrings' organic spirit to come alive, celebrating the raw allure that nature so effortlessly bestows. The sterling silver chain that delicately cradles these pearls is a bridge between ocean and land, a reminder of the connection that weaves through all things. With The Adella Earrings, you adorn yourself with more than pearls; you wear a piece of the ocean's poetry, a glimpse into the secrets of underwater elegance, and a reflection of the organic beauty that transcends boundaries.



2.50 inches (length of entire earring)

1 inches (length of pearl)

0.50 inches (width of pearl) 



Adella Earrings
Adella Earrings Sale price$200.00