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Introducing The Pearl Earrings, a harmonious blend of urban craftsmanship and nature's elegance, born from the heart of Brooklyn, New York. Crafted with meticulous care, these earrings are more than adornment; they're wearable stories that embody the city's spirit and the sea's allure.

Handcrafted from sterling silver, each earring is a canvas upon which the city's creative energy is woven. At its heart, a freshwater pearl emerges like a luminescent gem, a whisper of the ocean's mysteries brought to life within the city's artistic embrace.

With each sway, The Pearl Earrings become a symphony of movement, an echo of Brooklyn's vitality and the timeless beauty of pearls. Wearing them is like carrying a piece of the city's heartbeat, a reflection of the sea's elegance, and a tangible connection to the artisans who mold metal and nature's gems into wearable masterpieces. Whether you're strolling through the borough's streets or catching the glint of city lights, these earrings become more than jewelry; they're a reminder of both urban beauty and nature's grace, intertwining seamlessly within the confines of your ears.

Earring posts:

Sterling Silver


Pearl 4mm

Earring post 0.5 inches (length) 


PEARL EARRINGS Sale price$95.00