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Seaside Necklace

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Embrace the essence of the sea with Latasha's exquisite satin ribbon necklace, adorned with a timeless sea shell charm that whispers tales of ocean breezes and sun-kissed shores. Each charm is a testament to Latasha's seaside sojourns, the shell itself a relic from her serene beach stroll, now immortalized in recycled sterling silver. The delicate satin ribbon cradles the silver shell, serving as a tangible reminder of the sea's eternal dance and the promise of rebirth and hope that shells symbolize. This necklace not only graces your neckline but also weaves the threads of nature, sustainability, and timeless elegance into a singular, captivating adornment. 


Satin ribbon- 18 inches

Shell charm- 0.25 inches 

Seaside Necklace
Seaside Necklace Sale price$75.00