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Testa Necklace

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Introducing The Testa Necklace, a fusion of coastal beauty and urban craftsmanship that captures the essence of nature's treasures within the heart of Brooklyn, New York. Crafted with meticulous care from sterling silver, this necklace pays homage to the allure of seashells, those whispered stories of the ocean's embrace. At its core lies a shell charm, cast from a real shell discovered along sandy shores, a tangible link to the sea's timeless mysteries.

Through the revered lost wax casting process, the shell's intricate details are transformed into sterling silver, preserving the organic design element that defines its charm. Guided by skilled hands, every piece is lovingly hand-finished, turning each necklace into an individual masterpiece, rich with the echoes of the ocean. As you wear The Testa Necklace, you don't just adorn your neckline; you adorn yourself with the spirit of the shore, the craftsmanship that molds nature into wearable art, and the whispers of the tides that shape the world's most beautiful secrets. With each delicate movement, you carry a piece of the coast's tranquility, a reflection of the sea's elegance, and the artisanal touch that turns a simple charm into a modern heirloom.


18 inches (length)

3mm (width)

Testa Necklace
Testa Necklace Sale price$150.00